Architectural Overview

Database Bindings/Support
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • Based on izPack (Java)
  • Bundles all components

  • DB updates are based on migration packages
  • Python-based migration framework is included in the server

  • Used as scripting language throughout the application
  • Bundled versions of CPython (native server) and IronPython (GUI client)
  • API provides access to server and client functionality [links]

YAJSW - Yet Another Java Service Wrapper
  • Provides daemon and init scripts on linux, or service on windows
  • Invokes java server, monitoring

  • Checks for DB availability
  • Checks for server availability
  • Web-based interface (Jetty)

Java Server (Standalone)
  • Provides DB interface via Hibernate/JDBC
  • Exposes minimalist REST interface towards monitoring
  • Communicates with native server components via protocol buffers through (local) network socket
  • Logging via slf4j, using logback as backend
  • Invokes native server

Native Server (Piggyback)
  • Accepts incoming client connections
  • Invokes per-session process
  • Connects to java server
  • Communicates with client via XML protocol through network socket

  • Connects to native server
  • Either GUI or headless
  • GUI can be either pre-installed, or deployed via ClickOnce

Authentication Schemes

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