interface - Conditionals

This topic discusses the conditionals feature provided by the PLANTA link API.




Function Parameters Return Value Description
BaseConditional.__init__(self, parameter='') parameter: Value to compare conditional instance Initialize a new conditional object


Property Getter Setter Description
BaseConditional.is_satisfied checked unchecked Returns if the value it was initialized with matches the current value
BaseConditional.value checked unchecked This property is abstract and must be implemented in a subclass. It must return the current value for the condition you want to check


The UndefinedConditional class is a dummy class that will always return False from UndefinedConditional.is_satisfied


Function Parameters Return Value Description
get_conditional_from_class_name(class_name) class_name: The name of the conditional class conditional class Get the class object of a conditional based on its name. When the name can't be resolved to a class, UndefinedConditional is returned instead.

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