migration - Enums

This topic discusses the enums used in the migration framework.



Each migration packet must have a category attribute that is set to one of these categories

Name Value Description
PacketCategory.CATEGORY_MANDATORY 0 This packet must be installed for a successful migration
PacketCategory.CATEGORY_OPTIONAL 1 This packet is completly optional. An example would be a early port of an upcoming feature
PacketCategory.CATEGORY_HELPER 2 This packet provides some helper functionality aimed at customizers


The packet state is written and read from the dataitem Status and can have the following values

Name Value Description
PacketState.NEW 0 A migration packet that hasn't been part of a migration yet
PacketState.INSTALLED 1 A migration packet that ran successfully
PacketState.SKIPPED 2 Deprecated
PacketState.FAILED 3 A migration packet that ran unsuccessfully
PacketState.PENDING 4 A migration packet that has a dependency on another packet, but the other packet doesn't have the necessary state
PacketState.UNNECESSARY 5 A migration packet that has been deemed unnecessary for the previous migration

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