migration - Enums

This topic discusses the enums used in the migration framework.



Each migration packet must have a category attribute that is set to one of these categories

Name Value Description
PacketCategory.CATEGORY_MANDATORY 0 This packet must be installed for a successful migration
PacketCategory.CATEGORY_OPTIONAL 1 This packet is completly optional. An example would be a early port of an upcoming feature
PacketCategory.CATEGORY_HELPER 2 This packet provides some helper functionality aimed at customizers


The packet state is written and read from the dataitem Status and can have the following values

Name ValueSorted ascending Description
PacketState.NEW 0 A migration packet that hasn't been part of a migration yet
PacketState.INSTALLED 1 A migration packet that ran successfully
PacketState.SKIPPED 2 Deprecated
PacketState.FAILED 3 A migration packet that ran unsuccessfully
PacketState.PENDING 4 A migration packet that has a dependency on another packet, but the other packet doesn't have the necessary state
PacketState.UNNECESSARY 5 A migration packet that has been deemed unnecessary for the previous migration

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