The create_project module lets you create projects.


Function Parameters Return Value Description
create_project_by_type(pr_type=PR_TYPE_MODEL_PROJECT, main_pr=True, inv_pr_rec='', TCALC=True, attributes_461=None) pr_type: ppms.constants.PR_TYPE_REQUEST, ppms.constants.PR_TYPE_MODEL_IDEA, ppms.constants.PR_TYPE_MODEL_INTENTION, ppms.constants.PR_TYPE_MODEL_PROJECT, ppms.constants.PR_TYPE_MODEL_PROGRAMM or ppms.constants.PR_TYPE_MODEL_PRODUCT

main_pr: True or False
inv_pr_rec: Either a MtsRecord whose DtpRecord contains a pr_id dataitem or a Projekt-ID
TCALC: True or False
attributes_461: A dictionary of attributes to update
The newly created Projekt-ID Create a new project or project-like object. main_pr should be set to True for main projects and to False for sub projects. inv_pr_rec determines the project id of the main project if we are creating a sub project. When TCALC is True, the project will be calculated after creating. With attributes_461 you can update the 461 record after it has been created.

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