The dimmer module lets you show a client-side dimmer, indicating that a process is currently running and the user interface is not responsive




Function Parameters Return Value Description
Dimmer.__enter__(self)   Dimmer instance Enter the context, displaying the dimmer
Dimmer.__exit__(self, *exc_details) exc_details: Exception type, instance and traceback   Exit the context, removing the dimmer
Dimmer.__init__(self, text, red=255, green=255, blue=255, alpha=60, show_spinner=True) text: The text that should be displayed on screen.

red: The amount of red in the background.
green: The amount of green in the background.
blue: The amount of blue in the background.
alpha: The transparency of the background.
show_spinner: Controls if the rotating spinner graphic should be shown.

Info: red, green, blue and alpha range from 0 to 255
Dimmer instance Initialize a new Dimmer instance. The dimmer won't be shown until you enter its context


  • The rotating spinner graphic can be changed for a client installation by replacing the DimmingSpinner.png file inside the client Resources folder


Property Getter Setter Description
Dimmer.text checked checked Allows you to read or set the text displayed in the Dimmer


Dimmer rgba value visualization

Empty tab

Example #1


Example #2


Using a dimmer as a context manager

from ppms.dimmer import Dimmer

dimmer = Dimmer(text='Loading data', red=255, green=0, blue=255)
with dimmer:
    # do something here
    dimmer.text = 'Loaded 1 of 2 records'
    # do some more stuff
# Dimming is automatically removed
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