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The sql module provides helper functions for working with the database directly.


Function Parameters Return Value Description
convert_date_to_planta_time(date, date_format=%d.%m.%Y) date: String containing a date

date_format: A valid date format string
The date converted to amount of days since 01.01.1970 Converts a readable date into the format used by PLANTA date fields
convert_planta_time_to_date(planta_time, date_format=%d.%m.%Y) planta_time: Days since 01.01.1970

date_format: A valid date format string
A readable date as defined by the format Converts the PLANTA internal date format to a readable string
get_sql_date_format(planta_time) planta_time: Days since 01.01.1970 Returns a string to be used in a sql statement Converts the days since 01.01.1970 to a proper date string and then adds the dbms related code to make it valid sql
sanitize_value(value) value: A value you want to insert into a SQL statement A sanitized version of the value Sanitizes a string that will later be formatted into a sql statement. Useful for preventing SQL injections or putting UUID objects into a statement


Converting a planta time to a date string

from ppms.sql import convert_planta_time_to_date
from ppms.constants import SYS_VAR_TODAY

today = ppms.uvar_get(SYS_VAR_TODAY)
today_as_date_string = convert_planta_time_to_date(planta_time=today)

ppms.ui_message_box('Today is {}'.format(today_as_date_string))

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