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DT324 Statistik

Time values are always measured in milliseconds and are usually computed as sys+usr if not stated otherwise (sys+usr is a more reliable indicator than real which can differ substantially due to the way it is measured). The time is accumulated for one event, e.g. menu 12, LOAD MV, LOAD MOD. Time that is spent while executing python code without an active event is not considered.

DI004356 Auto-ID

Key field for table 324.

DI004367 Session-ID

A unique ID for each session a user starts. Through this parameter, the performance history messages of a session are bundled. This session ID may differ from the Session ID in DT511.

DI004377 MOD

Only for MI-related events: The ID of the associated module.

DI004378 Event-ID

ID of event

Special IDs

  • MI ID for MI-related events
  • N/A for Py-API timers

DI004383 Event type

Type of event


Ab S 39.5.27

  • MI - for MI-related events
  • PY - for Py-API-controlled timers
  • SC - for scheduling events
  • PP - for postprocessing events NEW

Bis S 39.5.27

  • MI - for MI-related events
  • PY - for Py-API-controlled timers
  • SC - for scheduling events
  • DI010667 Python-Timer-ID

    Only for Py-API-controlled timers: Python-ID.

    DI004371 Event (real)

    Real, wall-clock time.

    DI004369 Event (user)

    The time the processes initiated by the user spent in a specific event.

    DI004370 Event (sys)

    The time system processes spent in a specific event.

    DI004380 MTS records created

    Number of MTS records created.

    DI004379 DTP records fetched

    Number of DTP records fetched from DB.

    DI004373 Sent bytes

    Number of sent bytes (socket level).

    DI004372 Received bytes

    Number of received bytes (socket level).

    DI057710 Unspecified (real)

    [virtual field] The unspecified real time = time spent in modes that could not be determined.

    This is (entire event real time - db wait time - DTP records selection time).

    DI057709 Unspecified (usr+sys)

    [virtual field] The unspecified computing time = time spent computing in modes that could not be determined.

    This is entire (event user time + entire event sys time) - all the time columns to the right of DB wait time.

    DI004381 DB wait (real)

    Time spent waiting for a reply from the database.

    DI004385 DTP records selection (real)

    Time spent selecting & creating records from database results, without db wait time.

    DI022749 DTP records selection (sys+usr)

    Time spent on DTP records selection (temporary switched to real time in order to include DB wait).

    DI022750 MTS records creation

    Time spent on MTS records creation.

    DI022746 Sending raw bytes

    Time spent sending raw bytes over socket to client.

    DI004384 Interfacing functions

    Time spent inside Python-DB interfacing functions (both db_select() and db_modify() functions).

    DI022747 Py Value Ranges

    Time spent in Py-powered value ranges.

    DI022748 Py Module Macros

    Time spent in Py-powered module macros.

    DI040544 Data serialization

    Time spent on data serialization (creation of XML message(s)).

    DI004387 Modul

    [virtual field] Exit-Field for displaying the module title for field MOD

    DI004388 Ereignis MP

    [virtual field] Exit-Field for displaying the menu title for field Event-ID

    Neu ab S 39.5.2

    DI062383 Sent message size

    SIze of the sent message

    Neu ab S 39.5.2

    DI062384 Received message size

    Size of the received message

    Neu ab S 39.5.10

    DI063226 Speicherauslastung Nativ

    Current Application RAM usage (in MB), native part

    Neu ab S 39.5.10

    DI059758 Speicherauslastung JVM

    Current JVM RAM usage (in MB)

    Neu ab S 39.5.10

    DI063229 Benutzername

    [virtual field] username of the session owner (fetched from 443)

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